Hollow's Hope

Were wolf
The fangs of trust

Adventure Log: 3/28/2013

While questing to find the cure for the black mold in the tiny lumber mill town and to save the children that had been abducted for use as sacrifices for the Kobold king. Selene was afflicted by the lycanthropy cures by a werewolf that had taken the form of a small child. The party met this “child” in the woods had assumed that she had been one of the abused children from the orphanage that was part of what we had come to investigate. While we were there the party found the orphangage burned and all of the inhabitants either dead or gone.

Upon investigation of the scene we found a trap door into a basement that had been used as a dungeon. Where (we assume) the children had been bound, and tortured. The remnants of wolfs-bane as well as a few silvered daggers had been left in the rubble. Soon after departing the burned orphanage the werewolf disguised as a gaunt child was discovered in the woods near the place. She lead us back to the dwarven monastery that we had been at the week before. She had been quite an agreeable traveling companion. Until as we delved into the monastery turned kobold fortress and she felt that it was her best opportunity to betray and attempt to kill us all.

Even after she had turned and attempted to kill us all, the good nature of the party overcame our collective common sense. Selene worked her magic on the beast, thinking that the child that the beast had been could still be saved. After some debate it was decided that would be impossible and the beast continued her attack on the party until she was run off. By this time the party had rescued a few of the village children who were assisting us as we fought the Kobolds as well as the werewolf. During the battle Selene was bit and become infected with the lycanthropy curse.

The Kobold king was vanquished and all of the village children were rescued. In the course of the adventure we managed to free a slave Kobold called Kibbo that we installed as the new Kobold king. With the understanding that they were not to hunt the pink skins any more and the offer to purchase iron for the city for an undisclosed quantity of “Shinny good good”. We had neither the time nor resources to explore the monastery in it’s entirety there was one tunnel that lead to “Death and much dying” that was left unexplored as well as the hatchery that was left unspoiled. With these resources Kibbo should have the manpower to make himself king of a small kobold village. Which we hope will develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the local lumber town. We will see.

Document Ends————————————————————-

We have learned that only powerful magics can reverse the effects of the lycanthropy curse and that the sooner we get Selene treatment the less it will cost us. We journey to Absalom, the largest city in the region. Where we came upon a priest at the temple of Cayden Cailean who would help us with our little problem. Which was a good thing, as Selene has began showing serious signs of changing into a werewolf. She had dreams about being a wolf, and began having cravings for meat that she could not quite describe the quality of but personally I would swear that I caught her eyeing me more than once with a wild look in her eye as if she was looking for an opportunity to make me into lunch. Joric had no fear of the beast Selene was becoming before our very eyes. Perhaps Cavaliers are braver than normal folk, or perhaps he has not seen the terrors that Clerics have come to know all too well. Only time will tell if it was bravery or folly that stayed our hand of mercy from slaying Selene before she could fully become the monster that at least one of us knew to fear. No mad dog should be allowed to live. Many knights and monster hunters have died trying to stop the thing that we almost allowed to be birthed from the person that had been Selene. Looking back on the decisions to show mercy, it was not the most prudent choice we have made.

Document Ends————————————————————

After a few days journey and a lucky find in the woods, where a caravan carrying dark-wood to market had been overturned and the owners killed off. (We claimed it and sold it for the coin that we knew would be necessary to cure Selene.) We arrived in Absalom. We met the high priest of Cayden Cailean (God of drunkards and traveling), he was a man that could and would (for a price) cure Selene. He did so, but the price was higher than any of us would have imagined. He “asked” us to go and investigate the rash of dragon attacks that had been plaguing the country side. The reason I put the above in quotation marks is because the request came with a compulsion spell that would kill us if we did not do as we had agreed to. I suppose the cleric of the god of drunkards has had dealings with people who do not take their promises seriously. I can not blame the man for wanting the coin that we promised for his services, but neither do I have to like being compelled to be this man’s lackey. In all fairness, after the cure had been administered to Selene, all of the signs of her conversion that had been manifesting were completely cured and no one will ever know how close she came to becoming a monster, or that we almost released a werewolf into the streets of Absalom.

Document Ends———————————————————-

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