A hulking green presence that radiates an air of destructive intent.


Raised as a Slave/Fighter in the grand temple of Asmodeus, his gifts manifested and were recognized at an early age. Aardvark was trained and educated to be a cleric of the order of the quill and shackle. He was constantly treated as property and less than an equal, a condition that it did not take him long to come to resent as he could best many of his so called “betters”. After months of laying the ground work and faithfully wearing the mask of loyalty he convinced his trainer that he would be of more use to the order as a recruiter preaching the faith of order in all things. He would also test his metal against the wild creatures of the world and grow in strength as he heartlessly enforced the divine law.

In time the trainer agreed, but not without stipulations. Aardvark had to sign the Asmodeian contract. In which he agreed to uphold the honor and glory of Asmodeus in all his doings. To bear with honor the Mace that was his god’s weapon of choice and symbol of power. To once a year return to the temple to share with his brothers the wealth of knowledge and the riches that he found in his travels.

Once unsupervised he showed his true colors, changing alignment and deity to reflect his true chaotic nature but never fully turning his back on his training as a negative energy Cleric. He is slow to trust and always on the look out for other clerics and followers of Asmodeus who would be greatly rewarded for returning a lost slave to his master.

Physically, Aardvark is a young half orc male covered nearly from head to toe in scars and tattoos. A menacing presence to any, even more so to those who know how to read the signs and symbols that, despite obvious defacement are clearly readable.


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